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Who we are

We are an international company based in Palma de Mallorca with physical sales points in Jamaica and Dominican Republic. We specialize in equipment and spare parts for industrial hosterly. With over a decade of experience, we offer customized solutions according to the needs of our clients.

Why choose us

Permanent stock Permanent stock

We maintain a wide permanent stock to meet your needs at any time.

Delivery times Delivery times

We take pride in rigorously meeting delivery times, providing confidence and peace of mind to the end customer.

Customer service Customer service

We advise you in a professional and personalized manner, offering guarantees and efficient delivery service.

Hostelry equipment

We have a wide selection of high-quality hostelry equipment and utensils. From industrial kitchens and refrigeration machinery to kitchen utensils and furniture, we have a permanent stock to meet your needs at all times. Whether you run a restaurant, a hotel, or any other hostelry business, we are here to provide you with the solutions you need. Explore our variety of products and discover everything we have to offer.

Image of Kitchen


Stoves, griddles, fryers, ovens, grills, kettles.

Image of Refrigeration

Refrigeration equipment

Cold rooms, Refrigerated showcases, Freezers, Beverage coolers, Ice machines.

Image of Washing and cleaning

Washing and cleaning

Industrial dishwashers, Tables with ring.

Image of Coffee


Espresso machines, Automatic coffee makers, Coffee grinders.

Image of Food processing

Food processing

Blenders, Food processors.

Image of Bakery and pastry

Bakery and pastry

Bread ovens, Mixers, Dough sheeters, Refrigerated showcases.

Image of Buffet and catering

Buffet and catering

Food carts, Food warmers, Chocolate fountains, Popcorn machines.

Image of Laundry


Industrial washers, Industrial dryers.


Although our specialty is equipment and spare parts for industrial kitchen equipment, we also have a wide variety of products related to the most common needs of our customers.

Image of Plumbing


Butterfly valves, Solenoid valves, Water meters, Pumps, Pool equipment, Valves and connections.

Image of Lighting


Bulbs, Bedside lamps, LED strips, Halogens, Filaments.

Image of Electricity


Differentials, Electrical conductors, Mechanisms, Electrical conduit.

Image of Bathroom and kitchen

Bathroom and kitchen

Faucets, Flex hoses, Sprinklers, Single lever mixers, Shower columns, Pedal mixer taps, Freestanding and wall-mounted sinks.

Image of Tools


Portable power tools, Hand tools, Measuring tools, Protective equipment.

Image of Refrigeration


Compressors, Condensing units, Fan coils.

Image of Ventilation


Ventilation boxes, Extractors, Industrial ventilation, Insulation, Fans.

Image of Domestic


Air fryers, Wireless irons, Handheld vacuums, Juice squeezers, Blenders.

Image of Spare parts

Spare parts

Thermocouples, Gas valves, Solenoid valves, Gaskets, Pilots, Capacitors, Belts, Resistors, Blade filters, Thermostatic gas taps, Burners.

Image of Hardware


Polyamide hinges, Pivot hinges, Pivot supports, Swinging hinges, Refrigeration chamber latches.



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